Pseudo-spatial Projection

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Pseudo-spatial Projection is a psi ability and a status effect.

Psi ability

Pseudo-spatial Projection icon

Pseudo-spatial Projection
Thought Control (65 skill required)
In the minds of your enemies you project 5 additional copies of yourself in your immediate vicinity that last up to 5 turns. Each time you are attacked by a weapon or unarmed attack, there's a chance (depending on attacker's resolve) that the attack will hit a copy instead, removing it from play.

Machines and true-sighted attackers are not affected.

Action Points: 30
Psi: 25
Cooldown: 8 turns

Pseudo-spatial projection is a Thought Control psi ability the player can learn from a Psionic Mentor. With higher Thought Control Skill you project more additional copies.

Effective skill Copies
20[1] 2
40 3
80 4
120 5
160 6
200 7
240 8
280 9
320 10

[1]Lowest possible effective skill with 65 base skill, can only be achieved with the combination of Junkyard Surprise and the Creeping Dread/Eye of Tchort debuff.


Status effect

Pseudo-spatial Projection icon

Pseudo-spatial Projection
Unarmed and weapon attacks have a chance to miss this character, instead removing one of the psionic projections.
Duration: 5 turns (25 seconds)
Max stacks: 5