Silent Isle

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Silent IsleUncontrolled zone

Location information
Music Subterranon
Located in Lower Caves
Areas Broderick's boat
Cave entrance
Connections Silent Isle cave (on foot)
Core Ring (on jet ski)
Fast Travel Junkyard - Docks (Broderick's boat)
NPCs Captain Broderick
Map file(s) si1 (island)
si2 (cave)

Silent Isle is a location in the waterways of Lower Caves.


A mysterious, dark island located somewhere in the waterways between Core City and Junkyard, more specifically at the southwest corner of Core Ring. Most ferry captains stay away from this place, and it isn't near any main trading routes. Captain Broderick on the Junkyard Docks will take you there during and after a quest to retrieve cargo lost at the island. In the Underrail: Expedition expansion, the player can access Silent Isle with a Jet Ski.

Some azuridae, rathounds can be seen around and a large amounts of mindshrooms grow on the island. Walking around in the darkess of the island gives you a Strange Feeling, but this can be avoided by staying in light. Mysterious Pillars of psionic nature can be found in a cave underneath the isle.

The island

The caves

Captain Broderick's story

This one time I was sailing back from the Hub when I started having problems with the engine's power converter. To fix it I had to turn off the main engine and I didn't want to do that in the middle of the river because the current was strong and I knew there were some stalagmites around I could crash into.

So I anchored at this nearby place the sailors call Silent Isle. I heard tales of it being cursed and how anyone who spends too much time there is never seen again and such nonsense. But that didn't scare me. The only thing I cared about is whether there were pirates there, and as far as I could tell there weren't any.

So I turned off the engine and main lights because I didn't want to be seen and I also didn't want them to drain the battery before I could finish the repairs. So I was working there in silence with just a flashlight on so I could see what I was doing. It took me hours to fix the converter, but I managed to do it. I powered up the engine and started to retract the anchor. And I switched on the main lights.

That's when I saw it... or should I say him. I saw me! Standing there on the shore looking back at myself.

It's not that just that I saw a guy that looked a lot like me, or even that I saw a guy that looked exactly like me... He was wearing the exact same clothes I was with exactly the same stains and tears that my clothes had. It was like I was looking into a mirror, except his pose was different.

And you know what the weirdest thing was? For a few brief moments I couldn't really tell which one of us was real. That was the creepiest feeling I ever had in my life.

I didn't know what to do. I just stood there staring at him and listening to the anchor pulling up. And as soon as the anchor was up, I pushed the throttle and raced out of there.

And nowadays I just steer clear of that island altogether.

Captain Broderick


  • Dockmaster Silas gives you a mission to sail to the island with captain Broderick, find and retrieve lost cargo that's believed to be washed up there.
    • The Lost Cargo can be found on the north-northwest shore inside a metal crate.


  • Underwater rock bridge in southeast shore, leading to a dead body.

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