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Fix generator in sewers
Main Storyline

Generator in sewers.png
Quest information
Location Core City
Given by Lieutenant Stratford
Rewards 2000 classic XP / 2 oddity XP
400 Stygian Coin
random Assault Rifle
Related quests

Kill Joe De Pacino



Repair a generator in the sewers and see if the Faceless are involved.


  • Stratford wants you to investigate and repair generator that went out in the sewers. There is a high probability that the Faceless are responsible, so if you see them, inform Stratford as soon as possible.


Head to the Core City Sewers. The generator is to the north from the sewer entrance area. There you will meet some friendly muties and hear about Jookhela.

There's a storage room with intact Flux Controller on the north part of the sewers, but door requires high skill to unlock. Sewer Storage Key Card can be found in the northeast part, where the generator also is. Sewer Key on a dead mutie at the southeast corner unlocks the fence gate leading to the northeast area.

Depending on how you move in the northeast part of the sewers, you will be confronted by Jookhela and may have to kill it. With enough Thought Control (30 effective skill needed) you can drive Jookhela to go away without a fight.

Rathound Regalia can use to pacify Jookhela to prevent the fight.