Psi-cognitive Interruption

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Psi-cognitive Interruption
Thought Control (55 skill required)
Burns up to 25-75 of target's psi points, dealing damage equal to X% of psi burned. This damage cannot be shielded and bypasses standard resistance, but can be lowered by the target's resolve.

It also applies psionic inhibition to the target for up to 3 turns, preventing it from invoking psi abilities or regenerating psi points.

Action Points: 20
Psi: 25
Range: 10.0
Cooldown: 5 turns

Psi-cognitive Interruption is a Thought Control psi ability the player can learn from a Psionic Mentor. It applies psionic inhibition to target for 2 turns.

The amount of psi burned is always 25-75, but the damage scales with effective Thought Control skill, starting at 50% (0 skill) and increasing by 1% for each point in thought control.

Characters without Psi Empathy are immune to psi-cognitive interruption.