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Faction Foundry commoners
Role Merchant
Super Steel smith
Location Foundry
Combat Stats
Combat Stats Level: 1
Shop file fo_leonie.store

Leonie is a metal trader in Foundry. She can be found near Foundry's entrance, just outside the town.

Player interactions

Super steel shaping

Once you have access to super steel, Leonie can shape Super Steel Plates into Super Steel Fiber or Super Steel Sheet for 100 charons. The shaped metal produced retains the quality of the plates used.

Metal Scraps Melting

Leonie can turn Metal Scraps into low-quality Steel Plates. A single set of steel plates needs 30 stygian coins, 100 metal scraps and 20Verify minutes. She can work on up to 10 plates at one time.

Quest involvement

Trader inventory

Leonie trades high quality metal components. Once the mine is re-opened, she sells TiChrome alloys produced in Foundry, as well as Blueprint: Infused Leather.

Notable items sold Looking to buy
Cash available