Demolition Man

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This page contains content from Underrail: Heavy Duty expansion.

Demolition Man is a feat.


Demolition Man feat icon Demolition Man
Getting hit by area of effect heat damage will grant 5% bonus damage to your grenade launcher attacks for 3 turns. Stacks 5 times.


This feat's effect does not trigger if player resisted all the damage.

Status effect

Demolition Rage icon

Demolition Rage
This character does 5% bonus damage when using grenade launchers.
Duration: 3 turns
Max stacks: 5


  • Demolition Man: Damage Bonus (5 levels) — Increases damage bonus by 1% for each specialization point
  • Demolition Man: Duration (4 levels) — Increases duration by 0,5 turn for each specialization point
  • Demolition Man: Max Stacks (3 levels) — Increases the maximum number of stacks by one for each specialization point