Taste for Blood

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Taste for Blood is a feat and a status effect.


Taste for Blood feat icon Taste for Blood
Whenever you attack a bleeding target with a melee weapon, you increase your melee damage by 5% for each bleeding wound the target has. This can stack up to 10 times. Killing blows against living targets will also grant a single stack regardless of the number of bleeding wounds.

Expires after 1 turn if not refreshed.


Status effect

Taste for Blood icon

Taste for Blood
Melee damage increased by 5%.
Duration: 2 turns (10 seconds)
Max stacks: 10


  • Taste for Blood (5 levels) — Further increases the melee damage bonus per stack by 0.2% for each specialization point.


Underrail 1.0

  • - no longer reduces AP cost

Underrail Alpha

  • - killing blows now grant a single stack
  • - max stacks changed from 20 to 10
  • - feat introduced