Shield Bash

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.

Shield Bash is a feat and a special attack.


Shield Bash feat icon Shield Bash
Grants you a melee attack that deals mechanical damage equal to 75%-125% of the amount blocked by the carried riot shield and dazes the target for 1 turn.

Cooldown: 2 turns.



Shield Bash icon

Shield Bash
Perform a special attack with your riot shield that deals 75%-125% of shield block amount damage if it lands as well as dazes the target for 1 turn.
Action Points: 15
Cooldown: 2 turns

The damage is based of effective block amount with all bonuses from Shield Arm, Boarding Up and other sources.


  • Shield Bash: Action Point Cost (3 levels) — Reduces action point cost by 5 for each specialization point.
  • Shield Bash: Cooldown (2 levels) — Reduces cooldown by 0.5 turns for each specialization point.
  • Shield Bash: Damage (10 levels) — Increases the damage percentage by 10% for each specialization point.