Pellet Mayhem

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.

Pellet Mayhem is a feat and a status effect.


Pellet Mayhem feat icon Pellet Mayhem
Your shotgun attacks grant you additional 3% critical chance for each target you hit for the next shotgun shot.

Critical hit chance sources
Source Crit For Type Notes
Weapon, unarmed or psi ability base crit chance
Dexterity Varies Melee attacks Base Ability
Recklessness +7% Weapons, Unarmed Feat
Recklessness +10% Weapons, Unarmed Specialization
Psychosis +15% Psi Feat
Psychosis +10% Psi Specialization
Steadfast Aim Varies Pistols Feat
Survival Instincts +30% Weapons, Unarmed, Psi Feat Only when <30% HP
Survival Instincts: Critical Chance +10% Weapons, Unarmed, Psi Specialization Only when <30% HP
Scrutinous +7% Weapons, Unarmed Feat
Pellet Mayhem E Varies Shotgun attacks Feat
Body Horror E +3% Weapons, Unarmed Feat Only against fleshy foes
Ambush Varies Ranged weapons Feat Situational
Seeker Goggles Varies Ranged weapons Headwear
Neuroscopic Headband Varies Psi Headwear
Death's Grin E 2% All Headwear
Infused Rathound Leather Armor Varies Weapons, Unarmed Armor Suit
JKK Tactful Jacket +2% Ranged weapons Armor Suit
Coretech Energizing Vest +3% Energy pistol attacks Armor Suit
Phantom Dancer E +3% Sword attacks Armor Suit
Psychophract Exoskeleton HD +3% Psychokinesis and Metathermics psi attacks Armor Suit
Infused Rathound Leather Boots +2% Unarmed attacks and fist weapons Boots
Sørmirbæren Staff-spear E +3% Psi Spear
Høddurform E +5% Psi Spear
Red Dragon E +20% Decapitate Sword
Focus Stim +15% Weapons, Unarmed, Psi Drug Temporary
Core Chips +2% Weapons, Unarmed Food Temporary
Hardcore Chips +5% Weapons, Unarmed Food Temporary
Mystery Candy +5% Weapons, Unarmed, Psi Food Temporary
Tattoo: Anarchy +1% Weapons and Unarmed attacks Tattoo
Tattoo: Skulljacked HD +2% Psi Tattoo Only while wearing armor suit with (unmodified) armor penalty of 50% or higher
Escalated Psionic Innervation HD Varies Psychokinesis or Metathermics psi attacks Special ability Temporary

Status effect

Pellet Mayhem icon

Pellet Mayhem
Your next shotgun attack will have the critical hit chance increased by (3-4 per target hit on last shot)%.
Duration: 3 turns (15 seconds)
Max stacks: 100

The effect lasts 3 turns or until overriden by new pellet mayhem from scoring a hit with a shotgun. Missing completely won't end it.


  • Pellet Mayhem: Damage (2 levels) — Increases critical chance bonus per target by 0.5% for each specialization point.