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Nimble is a feat.


Nimble feat icon Nimble
Reduces armor penalty by 15% and grants 15% bonus to dodge and evasion if your armor penalty is at zero.

Good for characters who intend to make high mobility with Dodge and Evasion their main defense, but almost any character benefits from the armor penalty reduction.

While total armor penalty is nominally capped at 95%, the actual combined armor penalty of armor suit, footwear and headwear is still tracked, and it can be higher than 95%. Nimble reduces this combined value, and if the penalties add up to 110% or higher, total armor penalty will still be at the 95% cap.


  • Nimble (5 levels) — Increases the dodge and evasion bonus by additional 2% for each specialization point.


  • - also grants 15% bonus to dodge and evasion when on zero armor penalty
  • - feat introduced