Psychostatic Electricity

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Psychostatic Electricity is a feat and a status effect.


This feat improves Electrokinesis and Electrokinetic Imprint abilities.

Psychostatic Electricity feat icon Psychostatic Electricity
When you damage a target with your electrical psionics you apply a debuff that increases the chance for the target to be critically hit from any source by 5% for 2 turns. Stacks 5 times.


Status effect

Psychostatic Electricity icon

Psychostatic Electricity
Chance to get critically hit from any source increased by 5%.
Duration: 2 turns (10 seconds)
Max stacks: 5

Increases chance to get critically hit by up to 25%.


  • Critical Chance (10 levels) — Further increases the target's chance to get critically hit by 0.5% per stack for each specialization point.
  • Duration (1 level) — Increases the duration by 1 turn for each specialization point.


Underrail 1.0

  • - to-get-crit modifier fixes

Underrail Alpha