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Pyrokinesis icon

Metathermics (25 skill required)
Creates a ball of superheated gas and hurls it to the designated area. Everyone caught in the blast take 30-42 heat damage.
Action Points: 35
Psi: 40
Range: 10.0
Radius: 2
Cooldown: 3 turns

Pyrokinesis is an AoE ability that works similarly to grenades. It has a chance to miss the targeted tile in the same way as grenade do; the targeting precision is derived from metathermics skill.

It will deal its full damage near the center of the detonation and less damage the further away from it. Its damage scales with effective Metathermics skill. Every effective skill point in Metathermics grants 0.4-0.85 damage, rounded.

Cannot be invoked through a fence or a gate.

Effective skill Damage
0 Heat: 20-21
25 Heat: 30-42
50 Heat: 40-64
100 Heat: 60-106
150 Heat: 80-148
200 Heat: 100-191
250 Heat: 120-234
300 Heat: 140-276


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