Abandoned Waterway Facility

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Abandoned Waterway FacilityUncontrolled zone

The remains of an old naval facility, intersected by numerous waterways.
Abandoned waterway facility.jpg
Zone information
Music Subterra
Located in Lower Caves
Areas East waterway facility
Central waterway facility
West waterway facility
East basement
West basement
Kaya's hideout
Connections Core Ring (east)
Depot A west (south)
NPCs Kaya
Map file(s) xpbl_ojyc1, xpbl_ojyc2

Abandoned Waterway Facility is a location in Core Ring.


This area is an old Biotech facility. It is accessible with a Jet Ski from the Core Ring, area Waterways 11. The Jet Ski is needed to access the different parts of the area. Once the path is opened from the facility, it becomes also available from the Junkyard's Depot A west.

East waterway facility

Central waterway facility

  • The east exit leads to area East waterway facility
  • The west exit leads to area West waterway facility
  • Once combat is engaged, the metal gates will close behind you
    • In the building SW of the 2 grates is a green button. Pushing it opens the first metal gate
    • The path opened by the first gate grants access to the eastern building which has a second green button
    • Pushing the second green button opens the second gate, allowing you to leave the facility
  • Is inhabited by Mutie Sharpshooter, Mutie Marksman, Mutie Technician, Mutie Gunner, Mutie Shotgunner, Mutie Vendor and Auto-Turrets. Some of them are on Jet Skis.
  • The NE building has shelves containing a BioIn HDS 2 large suspension part
  • The fenced area to the north has jet ski parts containing a BArm Grinder 350
  • The SW building:
    • Has a locker containing an Old Diver's Helmet oddity, 2 XP.
    • Has a trapdoor leading to area West basement

West waterway facility

Kaya's hideout

  • Kaya, one of the missing persons for the quest Ion's missing group is located here, along with a wounded man who will not survive very long after talking to you

West basement

  • Has a ladder leading to area Central waterway facility
  • The east exit leads to area East basement
  • Is inhabited by Coil Spiders and Greater Coil Spiders
  • Has a respawning Mindshroom
  • The SE room has 2 boxes requiring 90 Hacking each. The west one contains 2 high level Plasma Cores
  • The west room has a fuse box:
    • Firing at it will disable it
    • Pulling the nearby switch will have the same effect, but it will also trigger some parts of the area near pipes to catch fire
  • The weapon room in the SW corner
    • Requires 115 Lockpicking to enter
    • Contains various weapons and weapon parts
    • Has a weapon locker requiring 90 Lockpicking. It contains some steel armor pieces

East basement



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