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ArenaControlled zone

Location information
Music Gladius
Located in Core City
Areas Arena stadium
Arena offices
Arena ticket booths
Connections Core City Middle Level
NPCs Lanista, Babar, Filibert, Boycie, Jerry, Garry
Map file(s) cc_arena
For the quest and player arena titles, see Become the Invictus.

The Arena is a location in Core City.


The masters of Core City know how to keep the masses complacent though. What started as place for gangs to settle their disputes has grown to become the most popular form of entertainment in the city and the whole of South Underrail. We're talking about the Arena, the Roman style field of combat where they pit men against various deadly creatures as well as gladiator against gladiator. All for the viewing pleasure of the numerous Arena fans. Watching people die violently is the favorite pastime for the oppressed masses of Core City.

People from all over the Underrail pay for the privilege to watch direct broadcasts of these fights as well as take trips to Core City to watch the matches live, if they can manage to get hold of tickets which are always sold out quickly. The Arena and the its betting office have made the oligarch families rich.

Players will, of course, be given an opportunity to test themselves in the Arena and see if they have what it takes to climb all the way to the top and claim the title of Invictus.

The arena is located on the middle level of Core City, west of Hardcore City Bar and the merchants.

Arena ticket booths

Arena offices

Arena stadium

  • This area is only available during the fights. Talk to Lanista in the Arena offices to access it


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