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One of the many Free Drones graffiti in Core City's Drop Zone.
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Anarchist Symbol.png Free Drones are an anarchist group.


The Free Drones are an anarchist group opposed to the expansion of United Stations and the Protectorate.

They are first encountered during the lost train quest of Rail Crossing.

Presence in south Underrail

The Free Drones have a limited presence and influence in the lawless south Lower Underrail, where they only have a single outpost that serves as a connection to the United Stations Embassy below it.

Their presence in North Underrail is much stronger.

Known bases


The player gets an opportunity to join the Free Drones when investigating the case of a lost train for Rail Crossing.

If the rail bandits who stole the train are left alone, the player doesn't reveal them to Protectorate and also convinces Captain Herve to drop the train investigation, later on Sarah will contact the player with an invitation to join the resistance.


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