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  • in pre-Descent (old world) history, this group was formed in order for the supercorporations to collectively maintain, negotiate and defend their interests primarily against "nation states", which were these political entities unified by wholly different factors than those of supercorporations.
  • Includes Biocorp, New Frontier Technologies, Security Agency, Bionic Institute, Nucleus Corporation and Transcendix
  • Each supercorporation had their own focus, goals and purpose
    • Biocorp: genetics research, mutagenic, psionics
    • NFT: terraforming, non-conventional habitats, agriculture
    • Nucleus Corporation: nuclear power and weapons research, theoretical physics and astronomy
    • Security Agency: military technology, warbots
    • Bionic Institute: bionics, human-machine interfacing, artifical intelligence, transhumanism
    • Transcendix: psionics, theology, psychology, mind and consciousness