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Black Eel Insignia.png Black Eels are a gang in Junkyard.


While the Eels might not have the wealth Old Junkyard, they make sure they get their slice of the underpie. They control all water traffic coming in and going out of Junkyard, and consequently control all trade in the region, making a profit by placing a modest tariff on shipments of goods and people. Their chief rival in Junkyard, the Scrappers aren't happy about this, but there's little they can do thanks to the Eels' relations with South Gate Station and the oligarchs of Core City.

Under their new leader, the Eels have organised from a group of extortionists to a minor naval power, slowly gaining influence outside of Junkyard. This is helped by their offshore platform, The Rig E. It allows the Eels to project force well beyond Junkyard and surpress piracy throughout the Core Ring. Using this newfound strength, Dockmaster Silas plans to push their hated rivals out of Junkyard for good.

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