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Biocorp was an old world supercorporation.


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Biocorp was an old world supercorporation of the T6 Group. It is responsible for much of the history of Underrail. Its third iteration (Protectorate Biocorp) currently remains a major power in Underrail.

Major research projects

  • Project Ascendance
  • Phenotype Dynamics
  • Project Ark
  • Arima project
  • Various transgenics, psimorphism, and transhumanism projects


  • Biocorp Undernavy
  • Biocorp Armed Forces (BCAF)
  • Biocorp Undernavy (BCUN)
  • Biocorp Security Forces
  • Biocorp Hydraulics North
  • Biocorp Dis Electronics
  • Biocorp Core Electronics
  • BCHC (Biocorp High Command?)
  • SAI
  • SC
  • NRS
  • Spectres
  • etc.


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Biocorp's known history dates back centuries and is almost synonymous with Underrail's history. Biocorp originally created the Underrail when dangers on surface world were deemed too great. The history of Biocorp, and Underrail, can be roughly divided into three eras: that of the original Biocorp, the reformed Biocorp and current Protectorate era.

Original Biocorp

Reformed Biocorp

  • Over 100 years ago
  • Biocorp was resurrected by a group of scientists and engineers
  • Old places of power restored: Core, Hexagon and Dis
  • Biocorp Security Forces are established to maintain peace

Protectorate Biocorp

  • Biocorp Security Forces in Core City split up into Coretech and Praetorian Security about 15 years prior to the game's events, but Biocorp may still have a presence somewhere in North or Upper Underrail.


Old Biocorp personnel

Known Old Biocorp personnel
Name Aliases Position Known for
D. Slavkovic Apex Technocrat Genetic engineering
Anton Matveev Wight Apex Technocrat Project Ascendance, Phenotype Dynamics, various projects related to transgenics, psimorphism, and transhumanism
Kirill Gavrilyuk Vovin Apex Technocrat Project Ascendance, various projects related to transgenics, psimorphism, and transhumanism
Robin Frasard Architect of first mutagen atom Mutagen research
Hollow Earth personnel
Maria Hope Mutagen tanks
Steve Parkinson psimorphs
Gunter Vasilica Mycology
Bianka Helting Mycology
Yuri Holland
Frederik Austein Mutagen tanks
Otis Austein's mutant
T. Borovitch
H. Kim
F. Manu Geology
G. Dyoglash Mutagen tanks
Sally McKinley Helting's assistant
K. Vladovic
E. Mali Mutagen research
T. Cox Mutagen research
Michael Brawin Mali's assistant Mutagen research
Panacea Laboratory personnel
Wit Nosek Thallo Geneticist Phenotype Dynamics, Ark project, Arima project
Olexiy Macar Chiron Geneticist Ark project
Njord Abbott Nessus Chemist Ark project, Arima project
Albert Russell Al Nosek's assistant Ark project
Ramon Carson Macar's assistant Ark project
Arron Deluca Abbott's assistant Ark project
Gerald Adams Comus
Earl Evans Minthe
Tithonus Laboratory personnel & cryogenics subjects
John Dyson Dude Chief of Psionic R&D, BCSDS
Wasi Abdul Chief of Psineurology, BCSDS
Hako Na Tithonus Laboratory personnel
Roben Marlic Tithonus Laboratory personnel
Marko Higgs Tithonus Laboratory personnel
Peter Morlan Tithonus Laboratory personnel
Savo Dragac Tithonus Laboratory personnel
Rahmir Al-Malik Tithonus suspension
Blagomir Radic Tithonus suspension
Harold Zimmer Tithonus suspension
Sandy Kester Tithonus suspension
Hans Jung Tithonus suspension
Brandon Hoffman Tithonus suspension
Takao Oshiro Tithonus suspension
Jeanette Wilson Tithonus suspension
Charles Oldershaw Tithonus suspension
Tobias Stigr Tithonus suspension, accidentally exposed to mutagens
Elidith Gervas Tithonus suspension
Hecate Research Outpost personnel
J. Samuelso
S.K. Mitchell
L. Baka
P. Hon
U. Hike
T. Robinson
B. Bjornson
Bunker (Upper Caves) personnel
Horace Montgomery
Darrel Patterson
Lynne Romero
Anthony Castillo


Currently living people associated with one stage of Biocorp's history or another.

Old Biocorp

Reformed Biocorp


Underrail in its entirety was constructed by the original Biocorp, but below are some locations with historical ties to Biocorp.

Major cities

  • Dis was Biocorp's capital.
  • Hexagon was third major place of power for both old and reformed Biocorp.

Research outposts


  • Depot A, known as Old Junkyard nowadays.