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The Tchortists are a faction.


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At a first glance, the tchortists are a mysterious pseudo-scientific/religious organization who worship a being called Tchort. They are usually easily recognizable from the Tchortist Robes they wear.

History of Tchortism

See also Original Report.

Important Dates from Eidein's library terminal
Year 1 Eidein discovers Tchort, formation of Institute of Tchort
Year 5 Biocorp Armed Forces renamed to Preservation

Education and Science merged into Investigation

Year 8 Great east wing fire
Year 9 Principal Investigator (Monsignor) Giacomo, Institute of Tchort's first monsignor dies from a sudden cardiac arrest
Year 21 Principal Investigator Evdok attempts a coup

Rassophore (Monsignor) Torin dies protecting Eidein

Year 24 A strong earthquake demolishes the Institute library as well as the large part of west wing and main hall; damages repaired within the same year
Year 39 Principal Investigator (Monsignor) Antheia becomes Episkopos

Investigation prosperity period starts

Year 42 A series of major conflicts with the Faceless, culminating with the Battle of Nucleus, won by Harmost (Monsignor) Marcial's Preservation Forces; last major conflict with the Faceless
Year 58 Prosperity period for Investigation ends with death of Episkopos (Monsignor) Antheia
Year 67 The great mourning over the loss of west wing expedition which perished due to unknown causes

Investigator (Monsignor) Peter dies

Year 69 Investigator (Monsignor) Hristofor dies from cancer
Year 70 Investigator (Monsignor) Minty's death
Year 77 Formation of Propagation division from Education department of Investigation and several other smaller departments
Year 78 Harmost (Monsignor) Marcial dies of old age
Year 81 Investigator (Monsignor) Lenora dies two days after publishing her seventy-eighth paper
Year 85 Biocorp's final dissolution

Institute courtyard riots

Year 90 (Monsignor) Bradock, Institute's historian dies
Year 92 Medication Export for Core City started
Year 96 Success of Investigator (Monsignor) Gustav's recombinant project revealed at the annual Investigation symposium

First recombinant in action

Year 98 Investigator (Monsignor) Gustav choked to death
Year 99 Neural Pacification project revealed at the annual Investigation symposium

Tchortism came to an abrupt end just before its 100th anniversary celebration.

  • Faceless invade the Institute, killing everyone inside
  • Tchort is destroyed in Deep Caverns
  • Harmost Stavros abandons Cytosine Outpost and leads the remaining rassophores back into Underrail
  • Eidein's corpse disappears along with the faceless


These are the main Tchortist ranks, as encountered in Underrail.

Preservation section Investigation section Propagation section
Founder Eidein
Section leader Harmost Episkopos Provost
Higher section ranks Mediant Principal Investigators
(biology, chemistry, physics)
Curator, Praepostor
Middle section ranks Efreitors Investigators Ministers
Lower section ranks Rassophores
(Ekrixphores, Pirophores,
Skopeftophores, Recombinants)
Assistant Investigators Acolytes, Missionaries
Trainees Novitiates
Candidates Postulants

Additionally, ministers are split into assistant ministers, associate ministers and (full) ministers, but this distinction is not clear in Underrail. Judicator is a rank of the judicatory section which does not have significant role or presence in Underrail. Monsignor is a honorary title that can be granted regardless of rank.

Notable characters

At the Institute
Outside Institute



While at the Institute, you may work for both the preservation and investigation departments.


Mediant Samuel's jobs

Completing all of Mediant Samuel's tasks allows you to join the preservation section as a Rassophore.


Physics lab (Principal Investigator Schteff)

Chemistry lab (Principal Investigator Georgis)

Genetics lab (Principal Investigator Rista)

Completing a certain amount (7Verify) of tasks for the investigation section allows you to join the investigation section.

Random events