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Lunatics are a bandit gang.


The Lunatics gang is similar to Lurkers and Ironheads in size, but composing mostly of psionics. Powerful, but insane and unpredictable psionics. They seem to live somewhere in the Deep Caverns, trying to climb up wherever possible with no regard for their own safety. They also have some presence in Upper Underrail and small bands of lunatics can be found scattered across Lower Underrail.


  • Vanga, one of the co-leaders of the lunatic group who stole a special Metal Figurine from the Tchortists.
  • Frost, the other leader of the Upper Underrail group
  • Firecracker, the third leader of the group; he is more elusive than his companions.

Generic characters

Areas controlled

Lunatics are based somewhere in Deep Caverns.

They have some presence in the Upper Underrail as well, most notably in Emporion Shopping Mall. They have also managed to make their way into Upper Underrail Utility Station 7 through utility pipelines.

Random events