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Lunatics are a bandit gang.


The Lunatics gang is similar to Lurkers and Ironheads in size, but composing mostly of psionics. Powerful, but insane and unpredictable psionics. They are mostly present in Upper Underrail, but small bands of lunatics can be found scattered across Lower Underrail. They seem to be drawn to the psionic crystals, trying to reach them with no regard for their own safety.


  • Vanga, one of the co-leaders of the lunatic group who stole a special Metal Figurine from the Tchortists
  • Frost, the other leader of the Upper Underrail group
  • Firecracker, the third leader of the group; he is more elusive than his companions
  • Synesthete, leader of sorts of a lunatic group in the caves north of Rail Crossing
  • Formedicator, lunatic doctor

Generic characters

Areas controlled

Lunatics are scattered through entire Underrail. They can be found most notably in the Emporion Shopping Mall. They have also managed to make their way into Upper Underrail Utility Station 7 through utility pipelines. One group of not immediately hostile Lunatics can be found in the Upper Caves north of the Rail Crossing and player can attempt to join their weird ritual.

Random events