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New Frontier Technologies - or NFT - was one of the T6, a supercorporation of the pre-Descent time.


From Professor Oldfield: "New Frontier Technologies was a supercorporation primarily dedicated to discovering, exploring and populating new environments, worlds mankind could only dream of making their homes. They developed technologies that would allow them to adapt to these environments to the needs of mankind but also in such a fashion as to preserve it as much as possible; or in case of barren, desolate places, to breathe new life into them and turn them into something greater. They were explorers, visionaries, futurists and, as often follows, utopists."

The Black Sea Project

One (and possibly the only one) place they have settled is the Black Sea, and this is known to academics as the Black Sea Project. The island on which the Black Sea Expedition established itself is the first island on which the NFT settled.

The Biocorp navy was responsible for exterminating the NFT in the Black Sea, because the NFT was seen as a competitor of Biocorp. Scholars are still debating if this competition was already ongoing before the Descent.

The purpose of the Black Sea Expedition is to unearth the history of the Black Sea Project.

Misc info

  • NFT personnel were implanted with Active RFID microchips that could be used to open the different NFT facilities in the Black Sea.