Grim Jetters

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The Grim Jetters are a band of vicious pirates that plagues the South Underrail waterways and are led by Captain Grim. Based out of Port Ceto within the Black Sea, they raid and plunder with near impunity as very few South Underrailers are brave enough to follow them back to the treacherous Hell's Gut.

According to the Ferryman, the Grim Jetters are not the first pirate band to set up at Port Ceto and he believes that they won't be the last.


The Grim Jetters are a formidable lot, with weapons, explosives, dogs, jet skis, able-bodied fighters and greed in abundance. Their bases, Port Ceto and Port Crag are well defended, and they regularly patrol the surrounding areas. Many of them them also have feats like Thick Skull, Concentrated Fire, and Barrel Stare.

However, there is only one person among them with any psionic abilities. Also, Captain Grim is the only thing keeping the pirates in line and cooperating. The whole group would likely succumb to infighting without him.