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JKK Pen.png JKK is a major corporation in Core City.


JKK corporation is one of the three major players in Core City. JKK broadcasts the Arena and Gauntlet matches on its "ArenaNow" and "Gauntlet" channels all over Core City's streets with the tri-monitor street receivers, and also all over Underrail. They also control the betting over arena matches. JKK corporation's operatives do the most undercover work in Core City.

JKK's comparably modestly-sized headquarters are on the west side of Core City Upper Level. They are a rival to Coretech and Praetorian Security over the control of Core City. Gunnar Edstrom is the CEO of JKK and one of Core City's oligarchs.


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While the three major powers of Core City aren't fighting each other in an outright street war anymore, they still don't trust each other and working for one of them means the others will not hire you.