Arke Power Station

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Arke Power StationUncontrolled zone

It seems to be still working in some capacity.
Location information
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Located in Deep Caverns
Areas Offices
Utility section
Main hall
Connections Warehouse Block 2
Map file(s) dc-pp_e, dc-pp_m, dc-pp_ama, dc-pp_ut, dc-pp, dc-pp_c

Arke Power Station is a location in Deep Caverns.


Arke is a large geothermal power plant located in the northeast Deep Caverns, north of the warehouse blocks. Back in its heyday, it had 300 MW power output capability - enough to power the entire Hollow Earth Research Complex and all other Biocorp structures supporting the research complex. The power plant is still running after two centuries of neglect, albeit barely, thanks to its artificial intelligence IRIS. The power station also houses advanced robot manufacturing facilities under IRIS control. Additionally, Arke/IRIS used to function as the command center for all RAF facilities throughout Underrail before being disconnected during the events of Hollow Earth Incident. At least one of these facilities, RAF 013, is located in South Underrail.

The station has four distinct areas; offices and adjoining robot production lines, dark and cramped utility tunnels below the main floors, a large two-story main hall where the power plant's controls are, and IRIS AI core beyond the offices. The power station is initially entered through the offices and from there the player must find a way through IRIS defenses to access the station controls, and optionally confront IRIS afterwards.





Utility Section

Main Hall


  • IRIS can be found in the middle room which is unlocked after interacting with three computer consoles
    • Computer console in her room can be used after defeating her to restore her last backup or to open the core storage room
    • Restoring last backup of IRIS will cause all remaining robots in Arke to become friendly to the player (requires 130 Hacking)
  • NW storage room has many shelves with various high quality electrical components
  • Core storage room has a container with AI cores needed for repair bot in Repair the gate mechanism quest

Enemies and other hazards

Outside power station

Inside power station


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