Epione Lab

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Epione LabControlled zone

Old research lab, now used for... other purposes.
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Urban area information
Music Marching to New Tomorrow
Located in Upper Underrail
Areas Station, upper level, lower level
Connections Upper Underrail
Lower Underrail (under construction)
Fast Travel Upper Underrail metro
NPCs Captain Blackwall
Map file(s) up-lift

Epione Lab is a strategically important Protectorate base in Upper Underrail.


Epione Lab houses an incomplete elevator that is planned to serve as a connection between Upper and Lower Underrail for Protectorate's troop transportation needs. So far, Protectorate could move troops from its Upper Underrail bases to Lower Underrail only through Core City, which severely limits Protectorate's manpower in south Lower Underrail.

Should this elevator be completed, it would lead to a drastic change of geopolitical power in south Lower Underrail. Free Drones are aware of this, and are working to sabotage the elevator before its completion.

Upper Level

Lower Level


Epione Lab is an important location during both Protectorate and Free Drones questline.

Free Drones

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