Emporion Shopping Mall

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Emporion Shopping MallUncontrolled zone

An old decrepit shopping center.
Up mall.png
Location information
Music Skyless World
Located in Upper Underrail
Areas Lower floor
Upper Floor
Connections Upper Underrail
NPCs none
Map file(s) up-mall

Emporion Shopping Mall is a location in Upper Underrail.

Lower floor

  • The main entrance is in the northeast corner. It leads to Upper Underrail, area Upper Underrail 1
  • The stairs of the west side leads to area Stairs
  • Is inhabited by Lunatics
  • The barrel shop, to the south, has a barrel containing a Tourist Guide oddity, 1 XP
  • The weapon store, to the north, has a locker containing a Blueprint: Incendiary Bullets and a Coupons oddity, 1 XP
  • The darker locker requires 75 Lockpicking
  • The footlocker requires 50 Lockpicking
  • On the west side near the stairs is a Jackhammer


  • The stairs link area Lower floor and area Upper floor

Upper floor


This section needs expansion.

Emporion is an abandoned shopping mall in southwest Upper Underrail. Its original entrance is unreachable and buried under rubble, but it can be entered via a damaged wall section in the southwest corner of orange metro line. It is full of Lunatics.



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