Eos Complex

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Eos ComplexUncontrolled zone

Upper metro system of South Underrail. It used to connect mostly commercial, research and educational facilities.
Marty mart.png
Station information
Music Skyless World
Located in Upper Underrail
Areas Station
Connections Upper Underrail (orange metro line)
NPCs Marty
Map file(s) up8

Eos Complex is metro station of the Upper Underrail metro network. Trains won't take you there, but it is easy to find by following the orange metro line north from Core City Upper Metro Station.

Notably, a band of scavengers hold a shop there. Marty is always buying large quantities of food, medicine, firearms and bullets for his scavengers. He's selling various components of high quality level, scavenged from all over Upper Underrail.

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