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Timeline of Underrail's history and present day events. Incomplete. Heavy spoilers.

The Old World

4th millennium BC
  • Start of recorded history
  • Millennia of nation states
Unknown time (early space age)
Unknown time — The Descent
  • Also known as End of History
  • Biocorp creates Underrail
  • NFT establishes four habitats: Lemuria, Horizon, Atlantis and unknown fourth
  • Fate of other T6 members is unknown


Era of old Biocorp

371 years ago (Year 0 Post-Descent)
  • The Underrail is created by the original Biocorp
  • The dangers of the outside world were deemed too great, Underrail was to be made into a completely self-sustaining environment
341-351 years ago (Year 20-30 Post-Descent)
  • Shadowlith is discovered at Abyssal Excavation Site Six
249 years ago (Year 122 Post-Descent)
  • Great War between Biocorp and NFT happens
  • ACoNR arrives at Abyssal Station Zero. (Last entry in Abyssal Station Zero cargo traffic log: Date: 17. 10. 122. Time: 10:35)
  • Lemurian Health Center is left dead following the war against Biocorp Undernavy. (Receptionist standby: 249 years, 7 months, 14 days and 12 hours)
189 years ago (Year 182 Post-Descent) — Hollow Earth Incident
  • Underrail became unable to sustain its large population
  • Questions of immoral experiments and corruption were raised
  • Phenotype Dynamics project plays a large role in the incident
  • Revolts occur everywhere, marking the end of the old Biocorp
120 years ago (Year 251 Post-Descent)
  • Great Shadow Emission in the Abyssal Station Zero happens, destroying many electronical records and damaging the station (LE-AD: 129)
  • Atlantean R&D staff fall under the influence of Flottsørmir

Era of reformed Biocorp

Over 100 years ago
100 years ago (Year 271 Post-Descent)
58 years ago (Year 313 Post-Descent)
17-18 years ago (Year 353 Post-Descent)

Era of Protectorate Biocorp

Over 15 years ago
  • Protectorate takes over Dis, Biocorp's capital
15 years ago (Year 356 Post-Descent)
Few years later
11 years ago (Year 360 Post-Descent)
8 years ago (Year 363 Post-Descent)
  • Tchortists start exporting medication to Core City
5 years ago (Year 366 Post-Descent)
Less than a year ago

Present day

Year 371 Post-Descent
  • The player completes Tanner's tests and joins South Gaters
  • Cornell steals the cube from Bakers
  • The Faceless dispatch patrols to find the artifact, North and South Underrail are cut off from each other
  • Coretech acquires the cube for testing, but Tchortists steal it shortly afterwards
  • The Faceless invade Institute of Tchort in force
  • Tchort is destroyed by the player, the cube returned to Faceless, Tanner flees to North Underrail