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Aiden Travers

Institute.png Tcharch l.png
200 (+40)

Eidein model.png

Faction Tchortists
Role Eidein
Location Institute of Tchort
Loot Elevator Key Card (Institute)
Eye of Tchort
Combat Stats
Combat Stats Level: 25

Eidein is the supreme leader of all Tchortists.


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Eidein is both a name he adopted and a title (greek for intellectual knowledge), his real name is Aiden Travers. He is the one who originally found Tchort in the Deep Caverns, and only person who can directly communicate with it.

Player interactions

You can meet Eidein around the Insitute, but he won't have much time to talk to you while you're a novitiate. You can gain an audience with him by working for either the Preservation or Investigation sections of the Institute until you're invited to become a member of either one.


  • Strange tremors: You should investigate the tremors and report your findings to Eidein.