The Compound

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This page contains content from Underrail: Heavy Duty expansion.
The CompoundUncontrolled zone

Investigate the Compound.png
Location information
Music Compound
Located in Upper Underrail
Areas Tunnel
Exoskeleton Assembler Lab
Fusion Cannon Lab
Cave Lab
Training Grounds
Medical Section 1Upper Passage 1
Damaged Assembler Lab
Upper Passage 2
Medical Section 2

Connections Dark Territory
NPCs Cognator
Map file(s) xphw_exobase_arm, xphw_exobase_com, xphw_exobase_ent, xphw_exobase_lab1, xphw_exobase_lab2, xphw_exobase_labu1, xphw_exobase_labu2, xphw_exobase_med1, xphw_exobase_med2, xphw_exobase_out, xphw_exobase_trg1, xphw_exobase_trg2, xphw_exobase_tun, xphw_exobase_up1, xphw_exobase_up2

The Compound is a major location added by the Underrail: Heavy Duty expansion. It can be accessed by accepting Trip to North Underrail quest given by Buck Nimble in Upper Underrail.


The Compound, also known as Transregional Joint Research Compound or Oneiros Compound is an old Biocorp's facility located in the Dark Territory between South Upper Underrail and North Upper Underrail. Abandoned for centuries, it is patrolled to this day by Exosoldiers - an army of identical telepathic clones.

The location is regularly patrolled by the exosoldier squads which will attack the player on sight. Each patrol consists of randomly chosen exosoldiers accompanied by a Technomedic, random tactical support bot and sometimes also an Intercessor. The number of patrols is finite, however if player kills all normal exosoldiers, then the patrols will be replaced with squads of elite psionic commandos - Psychophracts. Exosoldiers sometimes also create barricades in the Compound, blocking the way and making moving around the facility more difficult.


  • Ladder leads to a maintenance tunnel to the west side of the map with the Exosoldier ambush squad
  • North exit leads to Outside
  • South exit leads to Dark Territory
  • West exit leads to Armory


  • There is a pile of batteries in the north, contains 14 Greater Fusion Cells
  • There are hidden metal plates behind the fence in NW corner (10 Perception)
  • There is a rift in the NW corner
  • West exit and vent leads to Entrance
  • South exit leads to Tunnel



Exoskeleton Assembler Lab

Training Grounds

  • You can interact with the console to summon multiple exosoldier patrols (without tactical bots)
    • Exosoldiers here will follow your location even in stealth. Killing them all will unlock the west exit
  • West exit leads to Upper Passage 2
  • East exit leads to Armory

Fusion Cannon Lab

Cave Lab

  • One of the Psychoprath corpses has Severed Exoskeleton Gauntlet oddity
  • You can raise gate to the south-west with 20 Strength. If you are accompanied by the Gunslinger, the check is reduced by the value of his strength (5 base)
  • Lake to the south has multiple increasing Agility checks:
    • Agility 8: reach a Mindshroom
    • Agility 10: reach a waterproof bag with high quality Polarizer and other electronic components
    • Agility 14: reach another Mindshroom and a crate with high quality Blast Cloth and other military components
  • East exit leads to Fusion Cannon Lab
  • NW exit (unlockable from Damaged Assembler Lab) leads to Damaged Assembler Lab
  • SW exit (behind the gate) leads to Damaged Assembler Lab

Upper Passage 1

  • North exit leads to Medical Section 1
  • East exit leads to Exoskeleton Assembler Lab
  • West exit leads to Damaged Assembler Lab

Medical Section 1

Damaged Assembler Lab

  • East stairs lead to Upper Passage 1
  • West stairs down leads to Cave Lab
  • West stairs up leads to Upper Passage 2

Upper Passage 2

  • North exit leads to Medical Section 2
  • East exit leads to Damaged Assembler Lab
  • West exit leads to Command

Medical Section 2


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