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Abram model.png

Faction Oculites
Role Quest giver
Location Junkyard main street
Core City
Quests Info for Abram
Abram's bug
Free Maura
Find Abram in Core City
Combat Stats
Combat Stats Level: 25

Abram is a shady fella with a bad cough. He usually loiters around Kareem's tavern in Junkyard.


Abram is a mercenary on a secret mission in Junkyard. Kareem seems to be affiliated with him. Abram usually isn't a very talkative fella, but should he need you for something, he will get the word to you. He seems to have a network of informants all around Junkyard to help with this.


after completing Meet Azif and having passed a persuasion check, you can discover that abram is a mutant from Old Junkyard

Player interactions

Abram's direct interactions with you are very limited, but he does offer some shady work nonetheless.


  • Info for Abram: After you've visited the embassy, Abram wants some information about it and its security.
  • Abram's bug: Abram asks you to plant a bug in the embassy's ventilation shafts.
  • Free Maura: Some time after planting the bug, Abram has prepared more work for you.
  • Find Abram in Core City: He asks you to find him in Core City later on.