Hadrian Tanner

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Hadrian Tanner

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Hadrian Tanner model.png

Faction South Gaters
Role SGS councillor
Quest giver
Location South Gate Station level 3
South Gate Station level 4
Quests Retake the outposts
Bret's tasks
Gorsky's task
Find the drill parts
Assist Rail Crossing
Look for Cornell
Infiltrate Tchortist ranks
Abilities True-sight
Immune to stun
Immune to slow
Immune to Thought Control abilities
Immune to Temporal Manipulation abilities
Immune to dismantling effects
Bone Breaker
Dirty Kick
Uncanny Dodge
Combat Stats
Combat Stats Level: 20
Damage: 40-80 and 25-50 (electroshock) and 75-100 (energy cut)
Range: Melee
Action Points: 50
Initiative: 35
Base Abilities Strength: 15
Dexterity: 15
Agility: 15
Constitution: 15
Perception: 15
Will: 15
Intelligence: 15
Skills Melee: 160 (309)
Dodge: 80 (160)
Evasion: 80 (160)
Resistances Mechanical: immune
Heat: immune
Cold: immune
Electricity: immune
Acid: immune
Energy: immune
Bio: immune
Char file Tanner.char
Dialog file(s) intro1.udlg

Hadrian Tanner is one of the councillors of South Gate Station.


Tanner, along with Gorsky and Vera Hale form South Gate Station's ruling council. They are the leaders of the South Gaters community. They each have their own specialties and responsibilities, and Tanner seems to be in charge of testing and admitting new citizens to the station. The player is one such recently admitted citizen who passed Tanner's tests.

Hadrian is very respected in the SGS community and is widely considered to be the most influential member of the council. He joined the station many years ago during a turbulent period and thanks to his leadership, South Gate Station not only managed to survive but also steadily rose to power.

Player interactions

The game starts with you doing missions under Tanner's command while waiting for earthquake repairs to be completed in and around the station. Completing his find the drill circuit board mission will allow the South Gaters to clear out the earthquake damage from the south metro tunnel, which opens up the game world and unlock metro travel in South Underrail. Finding the drill parts also frees some of SGS's TNT Charge reserves from the earthquake repair work, allowing the player to purchase them from Lucas in SGS armory and explore other earthquake-blocked passages.


  • Retake the outposts: Your first big task in the SGS is to capture some forlorn outposts in the cave tunnels beneath South Gate station.
  • Hopper round up & Find Newton: While waiting for earthquake repairs, Tanner has the player get acquainted with SGS's food production by aiding Big Bret.
  • GMS expedition: While waiting for earthquake repairs, Gorsky's team has moved into GMS compound to secure their vault.
  • Find the drill circuit board: Meeting difficulties in re-opening the south metro tunnel after the earthquake, Tanner opts to have the player look for a part to fix a broken drill machine.
  • Assist Rail Crossing: After the metro tunnel is cleared, the Faceless have attacked Rail Crossing.
  • Look for Cornell: Find the man responsible for the Faceless assault in Rail Crossing.
  • Infiltrate Tchortist ranks: Follow a mysterious artifact into the Institute of Tchort.