Depot A

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Depot A (Old Junkyard)Uncontrolled zone

The original junkyard. Now a dangerous place overrun by mutants.
Depot A south.png
Dungeon information
Music Cornered
Located in Junkyard
Areas Depot A caved-in area
Lower Depot A east
Lower Depot A west
Depot A south
Depot A east
Depot A north
Depot A west
Connections Depot B
Wormhole tunnel
NPCs Wyatt
Map file(s) ojy-c1 (caved-in)
ojy-u1 (lower east)
ojy-u2 (lower west)
ojy1 (south)
ojy2 (east)
ojy3 (north)
ojy4 (west)

Depot A, also known as Old Junkyard is a vast dungeon area north of Junkyard, consisting of 7 map areas.


It's the actual original junkyard that this town was built next to, from the scrap that our predecessors found there. It's a restricted area now, though, on account of some accident with a mutagen tank that happened a long time ago. It's a crazy zone now.


Depot A is the original site of Junkyard, but nowadays it's closed off thanks to the acid mutants roaming inside. The area is littered with Empty Mutagen Containers from times when Biocorp was performing mutagen experiments in there.

Scrappers control the only widely known entrance to Depot A from their headquarters in Depot B, but Black Eels have their own secret route, the wormhole tunnel.


Acidic mutated creatured are a common sight on the upper levels, while hostile security robots roam in the forgotten military installations below. Most enemies in Old Junkyard respawn. The deeper you venture into the area, the more dangerous the mutant encounters become.

Upper levels
Lower levels


  • Find the drill parts: The Armadillo class drill rotor circuit board needed by SGS excavator machinery can be found within the depths of Old Junkyard.
  • Plant the explosives: Must be planted in the caved-in area that used to house Depot A - Depot B ventilation shafts.

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