Camp Hathor

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Camp HathorMultiple zones, varying levels of zone control

Old coal mining outpost that turned into a hunting camp.
Camp Hathor docks.png
Urban area information
Music Subterra
Located in Lower Caves
Areas Camp Hathor
Hathor Mine
Connections Lower Caves 15 (south, on foot)
Lower Caves 8 (west, on foot)
Isaac's River (east, on jet ski)
Fast Travel Lower Caves ferry
Rift (southeast, behind fence)
NPCs Edgar, Boyd, Captain Coltrane, Fred, Fredd, Freddy, Beck, Sarine
Map file(s) cv15

Camp Hathor is a hunting camp next to an underground river rich in local fauna. It is a major producer of meat in Underrail.

Edgar is the current leader of the camp. Captain Coltrane offers boat fast travel services.


Camp Hathor used to be much bigger community during its mining days, but after Hathor Mine was flooded, many sought their fortune elsewhere. The few inhabitants who were determined to remain turned to hunting.

Today, Camp Hathor is a major supplier of meat and leather and it has good trade relations with all other stations. It's a remote place that has little in the way of valuables aside from experienced hunters, so it makes it an unattractive target for raiders or other major factions. It has very good relations with SGS on whose metro access it relies for delivering goods to other stations.

Caves 15 : Mushroom farm

Caves 16 : Camp Hathor


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