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Role Ferryman
Location Mutie Refuge (B6)
Port Ceto (G1)
Black Sea (I8)
Black Sea (J11)
Dialog file(s) xpbl\ferryman.udlg
Shop file xpbl\ferryman.store

The Ferryman is a character in the Black Sea. His real name is randomized every playthrough.


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Player interactions

Ferry location rotation

He changes position every now and then. If contacting Yahota via NavCom the player can ask for the current location of the Ferryman.

  1. The Mutie Refuge
  2. Port Ceto
  3. the northeastern waters
  4. Sørmirbæren geyser village


The ferryman is not very talkative, but he can be persuaded to answer some of your questions (Persuasion is enough). After talking to him long enough you can ask him about his peculiar philosophy. By doing so you can obtain one of the Philosophy feats (tier depends on your chosen dialogue options and Player's effective Intelligence).

Trader inventory

The ferryman is a trader. His stock changes based on his location and whether the muties, pirates or Sørmirbæren have been defeated.

Notable items sold Looking to buy
Cash available


Notable special merchandise