Faceless Commander

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Faceless Commander

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Faction The Faceless
Role Faceless General
Location Talos Outpost
Mutagen Tanks B
Loot Utility Belt
Faceless Mask Fragment
Empty Infusion Tank
Abilities Infusion buffs
Thick Skull
Combat Stats
Combat Stats Action Points: 50

Faceless Commander is the general of the Faceless forces at Talos Outpost. He fights with a laser rifle grafted to his right arm and carries two Flashbangs, two EMP Grenades and one HE Grenade Mk V.

He is a "boss" character, and on DOMINATING difficulty will appear with 400% of his regular health.


The player will be directed to the Faceless Commander by the guards patrolling the border of the Faceless' territory and the guards posted at the entry of the Outpost. Talking to him allows the player to befriend the Faceless and gain some insight into the history and origins of their kind as well as the origins of the abomination residing within the Nucleus.

He also offers some information concerning the Deep Caverns and directions to Leo and several points of interest which can prove useful.

Talking to him allows you to negotiate the return of Lora Baker to SGS.