Captain Grim

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Captain Grim

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Faction Grim Jetters
Role Pirate Captain
Location Port Ceto - Destroyer
Loot Captain's Cutlass
Captain Grim's Key (Port Ceto)

Captain Grim is the leader of the Grim Jetters, whose goals are hindered by the Expedition in the Black Sea. He resides in the captain's quarters in Port Ceto, accompanied by a wealth of interesting objects he has collected through years of piracy.

Following the main Expedition story while allied with the pirates reveals his true name to be Cadmus Green, a former student of Professor Oldfield and son of a Biocorp Armed Forces officer, Major Wade Green, who was executed by Protectorate for being loyal to Biocorp. Cadmus evaded being thrown to prison with the rest of his remaining family and used his skills learned as a cadet in Biocorp armed forces to escape to South Underrail and establish small pirate band that eventually became today's Grim Jetters.

Captain Grim is a "boss" character, and on DOMINATING difficulty will appear with 400% of his regular health.