Phantom Dancer

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Phantom Dancer.png
Phantom Dancer
Armor Suit
This foreign looking suit of armor features a lightweight tactical vest and elegant sleeveless overcoat.
Mechanical: 18% / 6
Energy: 25% / 10
Mechanical damage threshold increased by 200% against bullets and shotgun shells.
Armor penalty: 10%
Equip: Stealth increased by 40
Equip: Dodge increased by 25
Equip: Evasion increased by 25
Equip: Critical hit chance of sword attacks increased by 3%.
Equip: Movement points increased by 15
Equip: Movement speed increased by 15%
- Agility 6
Durability: 2130 / 2130 (fabric)
Weight: 6.00
Value: 15000

Phantom Dancer is a unique armor suit.

NOTE: this item can be equipped without meeting its base skill requirement, but it won't provide any on equip effects. Armor penalty and resistances will still apply normally.


This item is not craftable.


Worn by Aran the ninja.