Research facility (JKK)

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Research facility raid
Main Storyline

Scientists working on mysterious device.png
Quest information
Location Core City
Research Facility
Given by Gunnar Edstrom
Rewards 5000 classic XP / 5 oddity XP
House in Core City
Related quests

Seek Acid Hunters

Acquire the mysterious device from a Coretech Research Facility.


  • Gunnar Edstrom wants you to acquire a device previously owned by the Acid Hunters, now in possession of Coretech. It's held in a secret research facility owned by Coretech.


Entrance to the Research Facility is in the Drop Zone, area Lower Drop Zone, Hub. Make your way to the facility and through it. The first floor has some crawlers in the corridors, and acid mutants in the locked-off areas. If you can pick the locks (60 Lockpicking required) and deal with some Mutants and Mutated Dogs, you will find an alternative stairway leading down to the second level, which allows you to skip most of the level.

On the third floor, you will find some scientists working on the mysterious device, and soon attacked by Tchortists. Pursue the Tchortists into the sewers and report back to your employer.