Faceless recon

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Faceless recon

Faceless group.png
Quest information
Location Foundry
Given by Chief
Rewards 300 classic XP
100 Stygian Coin
Related quests
Faceless' stolen object

Foundry murders or Kill Balor

Chief in Foundry wants you to investigate a group of Faceless near Foundry.


  • Chief wants you to investigate a small group of Faceless that was spotted west of Foundry. Find out why they're there and report to the chief.


One can start this quest by gaining the trust of Chief, which one gets after completing one of his quests. This is optionally, one can search the Faceless without completing his quests. Follow the railroad tracks to west and you'll come up to a cave on the north side of the tracks (in Lower Underrail, area Lower Underrail B22x). The Faceless group is there.

Talking to them reveals they're looking for a special item that was stolen from them and they could use your help. Should you choose the less diplomatic alternative and attack he Faceless group, you won't ever find out why they were there.

If you learnt that the item they are looking for is in possession of Cornell (Acid Hunters), you can tell that to the Faceless, and they'll leave the area, but Chief's still rewards you with only 100 Stygian Coin.

Once you know what they want, return to Chief for your reward.