Consul Oliver

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Kerry Oliver

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Faction United Stations
Role Consul
Location Fort Apogee

Kerry Oliver is the officially appointed consul of the United Stations Consulate located at Fort Apogee. You can find him in his office on the second level, just north from the main hall.


Consul Oliver was born in North Underrail 42 years ago. Coming from a wealthy family, he received his education at the University of Dis. It was through the influence of his former professor Nick Thompson that he was offered his current position in the South five years ago.

Oliver is in every way a model northerner: intelligent, educated, and wholly dedicated to the United Stations. At Fort Apogee however, his pacifist views and unshakable faith in the effectiveness of diplomacy, no matter the circumstances, often put him at odds with the Protectorate commanding officer Colonel Cathcart. He is concerned about the Protectorate's aggressive expansionist methods, but as the years went by his concerns never translated into actions, and time have eventually faded them somewhat. There are some who are critical of his isolated lifestyle inside the Consulate, as they believe it prevents him from seeing the big picture. It is no surprise that a man with his views finds the extreme methods of the Chemical Assault Unit despicable.

Oliver is an athletic man, and youthful for his age. He is married to Linda, and the couple has two children, Magnus and Aida.

Player interactions


  • Negotiate with renegades: Consul Oliver would like you to negotiate with a renegade Protectorate squad currently holed up at Dolos Center.