Core City Docks

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Core City DocksMultiple zones, varying levels of zone control

Cc dock.png
Location information
Music Untitled track (CoreCity.ogg)
Located in Core City
Areas Docks
Port Zenith
Connections Core City Lower Level (elevator)
Core City Middle Level (elevator)
Core City Upper Level (elevator)
Core City Upper Metro Station (elevator)
Core City passages (stairs)
Port Zenith (on foot)
Core City Sewers (on foot)
Core Ring (on jet ski)
Core City Sewer Exit (on jet ski)
Fast Travel Lower Caves ferry
NPCs Captain Rastko, Superintendent Rubin, Private Lloyd
Map file(s) cc_dock, cc_pz1, cc_pz2

Core City Docks is a major vertical section of Core City.


The docks of Core City are in the caves below Lower Underrail. On this level you will find the spacious sewers of Core City, a large warehouse named Port Zenith and some caverns connected to the sewers. Acid Hunters' hideout can be found deep within the sewers.


East docks

East docks ventilation shafts

  • The lower part links the abandoned northern building to the office in Ray's shop
  • The upper part has a dying crushed man carrying several thief's tools (night vision google, lockpicks, haxxor...)

Other points of interest

Notable characters

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