Port Zenith

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Port ZenithMultiple zones, varying levels of zone control

Cc pz1.png
Location information
Music Open Box
Located in Core City
Areas Warehouses
Docks E
Connections Core City Docks (on foot)
Core Ring (jet ski) E
NPCs Protectorate Commander, Protectorate Heavy Gunner, Protectorate Sentinel, Protectorate Shock Trooper, Supervisor, Worker, Protectorate Sniper E, Protectorate Marine E
Map file(s) cc_pz1

Port Zenith is a port in Core City Docks.


Port Zenith is a harbour warehouse area controlled by Protectorate west from the main docks of Core City. It appears more clean than the main docks and is constantly under heavy guard with no visitors allowed. The player may steal shield emitter shipment from the warehouses for Gorsky. A Port Zenith Security Pass can be stolen or looted from Bob Smith in order to try to infiltrate the port.

With the addition of Underrail: Expedition expansion, Port Zenith's docks may be entered from the north-west side of the warehouse, right next to warehouse #1. Without the expansion, a large closed shutter door blocks the way. In older versions, this door did not exist.

Port Zenith warehouses

Port Zenith basement

  • Can be accessed from the Core City Docks ventilation shafts
  • There are several stealthy enemies in this area: Crawlers and Death Stalkers
  • In the SW corner is room only reachable from ventilation shaft that has an open crate (doesn't show up when hitting tab) which contains a Warehouse Inventory List oddity, 2 XP
  • Close to the stairs leading upstaits (near the SW corner) is a Protectorate Heavy Gunner. It's possible to avoid him from the ventilation shaft
  • The stairs lead to the area Port Zenith warehouses

Port Zenith docks

  • Can be accessed from the Port Zenith Warehouses
  • The exit east leads to Port Zenith Warehouses
  • Protectorate Marine Armor located near the eastern exit of the area in a crate





Inaccessible without Underrail: Expedition expansion.


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