Find the drill parts

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Find the drill parts
Main Storyline

Drill parts.png
Quest information
Location Junkyard, Old Junkyard
Given by Hadrian Tanner
Rewards 3000 classic XP / 3 oddity XP

South metro tunnel cleared:
Access to Metro travel
Access to TNT Charges

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You need to find a drill rotor circuit board needed for metro tunnel earthquake repairs. You are given 500 Charons and pretty much complete autonomy on this task.

Once you have finished this mission, SGS can finally clear the metro tunnel with their Armadillo drill machine. This unlocks metro travel to destinations in South Lower Underrail and also allows you to buy some TNT Charges and their blueprint from SGS Armory. You can use those to clear and explore some of the smaller passages blocked by the earlier earthquake.



Make your way to Junkyard, either by boat or on foot. Ask merchants around for the drill circuit board. You won't find it but you'll learn that you might find such rare junk in the Old Junkyard, also known as Depot A. Eventually you'll end up finding the drill parts in inner Depot A, just lying inside one of the nondescript barrels.

Getting into Depot A

Scrappers control the only known entrance to Depot A at their base in the adjacent Depot B. If you work for them, you can gain entrance to Depot A from their base. Talk to Eddy to get started.

Black Eels can also help you. If you ask Colton about the Old Junkyard, he'll tell you to ask Silas about the wormhole tunnel. Afterwards you can either work for Silas or buy the key to the wormhole, which is a hidden entrance to Depot A.

Skilled thieves could also gain entry by sneaking either through the Scrapper base or the wormhole tunnel.

  • Depot B: Sneak through the scrapper base and either pick the fence gate lock or pickpocket Depot A Key from one of the guards.
  • Wormhole: Door in the slums leading to the tunnel must be picked or The Wormhole Key pickpocketed from Silas. Afterwards, one must fight or sneak through the Black Eels guardpost in the wormhole tunnel.

Inside Depot A

Depot A is a large dungeon with complex connections between its areas. There are multiple ways to progress as you see fit. Many of its areas are riddled with mines, so advance carefully. Characters with low perception and traps skill may want to use Motion Tracking Goggles to increase their detection. The Traps skill checks to disarm those are 50, 55 or 60 depending on the area. The more difficult check, the stronger the trap is.

Overview of the keys and keycards:

  • For those lacking hacking skills, a Security Key Card can be found on a group of muties in the east part of lower Depot A. It can be used to gain level 2 access on security consoles and unlock the inner depot auxiliary entrance between north and west sections, and also the underpassage transition door between the two sections of the lower level of Depot A. Note that you can also crawl through the ventilation shafts to avoid the underpassage transition door.
  • Outer South Gate Key, found on another group of muties in the east part of lower Depot A, unlocks the fence gate between south and north sections. The gate can also be lockpicked.
  • North Gate Key Card can be found at the southeast storage room in the west part of lower Depot A, unlocking the garage doors leading from east section to north.

Reaching the inner depot:

  • One of the muties in south section carries Old Key which can be used to unlock the doors leading to the area with the drill parts. The doors can also be lockpicked.
  • Alternatively, Inner Gate Key Card in the west part of the lower Depot A can be used to open the garage doors leading to the same area from the north section.

Once you're at the area where the drill parts are, you might also want to talk to Wyatt to shed some light to what's going on in the Old Junkyard and gain 1000 classic XP.