Lower Underrail

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Lower UnderrailUncontrolled zone

Lower metro system of South Underrail. It used to connect mostly industrial facilities.
Global Map LU.png
Major location information
Music Searchlight Journey
Located in Underrail
Areas Lower Underrail
Connections Under-passages
Upper Caves
GMS warehouse block
Warehouse Block Alpha
Abandoned Warehouse
Warehouse Block Beta
Hecate Research Outpost

South Gate Station
Rail Crossing
South Railroad Outpost
Core City

Fast Travel Lower metro (South Gate Station)
Lower metro (Rail Crossing)
Lower metro (Foundry)
Lower metro (Core City)
NPCs Blaine, Jack Quicksilver
Map file(s) lu-a1, lu-a2, lu-a3, lu-a4, lu-a5, lu-a6, lu-a7, lu-a8, lu-a9, lu-a10

lu-b1, lu-b2, lu-b3, lu-b4, lu-b5, lu-b6, lu-b7, lu-b8, lu-b9, lu-b10, lu-b11, lu-b12, lu-b13, lu-b27, lu-b28, lu-b29, lu-b30
lu-b14, lu-b15, lu-b16, lu-b17, lu-b18, lu-b19, lu-b20, lu-b21, lu-b22, lu-b22x, lu-b23, lu-b24, lu-b25, lu-b26, lu-b26x
lu-c1, lu-c2, lu-c3, lu-c4, lu-c5, lu-c6, lu-c7, lu-c8, lu-c9
lu-b10u1, lu-b10u2, lu-b22u, lu-b27u

Lower Underrail is a huge derelict urban area consisting of over 60 zones between major locations. Above it is Upper Underrail, below it are Lower Caves and further down are the Deep Caverns.

Some caves are higher up and directly connected to Lower Underrail, these are known as Upper Caves.

Also immediately below Lower Underrail are under-passages, a network of smaller service tunnels and escape routes.


The Lower Underrail was the industrial/military zone of the big underground metro system before things went to hell. It consists of sprawling main tunnels, metro tunnels and beneath them are smaller escape routes and other accessways. Various stations, towns, other settlements, abandoned complexes and industrial facilities reside in the Lower Underrail. Some wall breaches also lead to adjoining Upper Caves.

Lower Underrail is accessible from South Gate Station level 1 exit. Most of the explorable areas are to the north from SGS, but there are a couple of areas to the south, including a wall breach leading to upper caves. However, most of Lower Underrail is initially inaccessible due to cave-ins caused by the recent earthquake. They can be visited later on, once the south metro tunnel is cleared and the player has access to TNT Charges.


Lower Underrail A1


Rathounds are a common sight and various, usually hostile, human outcasts have small camps all over the Lower Underrail.

Rathounds, Rathound Alphas, Dogs, Burrower Spawn, Pigs, Warthogs
Ironhead Grenadiers (lvl10), Ironhead Gunners (lvl10), Ironhead Smashers (lvl10), Ironhead Psionics (lvl15)
Lunatic Brawlers (lvl10), Lunatic Chillers (lvl10), Lunatic Gunners (lvl10), Lunatic Pyromaniacs (lvl15)
Lurker Cut-Throats (lvl10), Lurker Gunners (lvl10), Lurker Gunslingers (lvl15), Lurker Hunters (lvl15), Lurker Murderers (lvl15)
Other humans
Bandits (during Jack's delivery job quest), Free Drones bandits (during lost train quest)


Map Gallery

Near South Gate Station

Areas 5, 6, 7 and 8 east of South Gate Station are initially inaccessible, but can be explored once the player can clear the rocks blocking the way with TNT Charges.

Near Rail Crossing

This part of Lower Underrail is near Rail Crossing, to the northwest from South Gate Station. It becomes accessible once the player has access to metro travel and TNT Charges.

Lower Underrail B6

Lower Underrail B7

Lower Underrail B8

  • Has several Dogs
  • Has a box in the NW corner requiring 60 Hacking

Lower Underrail B9

Lower Underrail B10

  • The north exits leads to area Rail Crossing, area Junction
  • The southwest exit leads to area Lower Underrail B10u1
  • The southeast exit leads to area Lower Underrail B9
  • The west exit (stairs down) leads to Lower Passages, area Underpassages A6

Lower Underrail B10u1

Lower Underrail B10u2

  • The north exit leads to area Lower Underrail B10u1
  • The south exit leads to area Lower Underrail B28
  • The ladder leads to a second, dark part of the tunnels
    • It has several Crawlers and Death Stalkers hiding in the shadows
    • The destructible rocks lead to the northern part, but it's also possible to walk around it
    • The room with the skeleton in the center:
    • The natural cave to the north:

Black Crawler's nest

Lower Underrail B12

Lower Underrail B13

Lower Underrail B27

  • The north exit leads to area Lower Underrail B28
  • The south exit leads to area Lower Underrail B27u
  • The western exit becomes available with the Lost train quest from Captain Herve in Rail Crossing. It leads to area Lower Underrail B29

Lower Underrail B27u

This section needs expansion.

Lower Underrail B28

  • The north exit leads to area Lower Underrail B10u2
  • The south exit leads to area Lower Underrail B27
  • The eastexit leads to area Lower Underrail B8
  • The fenced area to the south can be opened with 55 Lockpicking

Lower Underrail B29

Lower Underrail B30

Lower Underrail B33

  • This area is empty, it simply links area B30, B32 and B34

Lower Underrail B34

This section needs expansion.

Near Foundry

This part of Lower Underrail is near Foundry, to the north from South Gate Station and Rail Crossing. It becomes accessible once the player has access to metro travel and TNT Charges.

North of Foundry

This part of Lower Underrail is located north of Foundry and east of Core City.