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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.

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Faction Grim Jetters
Role Pirate
Location Port Ceto - Destroyer
Loot Death's Grin
Abilities Aimed Shot

Cruzer is a lieutenant of Captain Grim and important member of Grim Jetters. He is responsible for keeping order at Port Ceto. He wields an assault rifle, has sledgehammer as a back-up weapon and carries Frag Grenade Mk III and a Flashbang.

Cruzer is a "boss" character, and on DOMINATING difficulty will appear with 400% of his regular health.


Before joining Captain Grim, he was leading his own band of pirates called the Spectral Grinners that was well known for wearing bandanas depicting human teeth. During one of his raids, Grim Jetters led by Captain Grim helped Cruzer and his group disable the turrets on the ship with EMP Grenades. While usually in similar cases loot would be shared between the two groups, Grim offered Cruzer entire plunder in exchange for Spectral Grinners joining the Grim Jetters under the leadership of Grim.

His bandana covers huge hole in his jaw caused by a bullet fired by a Protectorate soldier.