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GauntletMultiple zones, varying levels of zone control

Gauntlet entrance.png
Gauntlet information
Music Cornered
Located in Core City
Areas Gauntlet entrance
Challenge 1: Rataclysm
Challenge 2: Amazement
Challenge 3: Rocky Horror
Challenge 4: Electric Funeral
Challenge 5: Drainage
Challenge 6: Psichological Warfare
Challenge 7: Web browsing
Challenge 8: Brains or Brawn?
Final challenge
Connections Core City
NPCs Andrea, Gauntlet Runner, Praetorian Enforcer, Praetorian Bomber
Map file(s) cc_enterGauntlet
For the quest, see Run the Gauntlet.

The Gauntlet is a series of challenge rooms in Core City.


The gauntlet is an increasingly popular event in which three contestants called runners compete in overcoming multiple challenging and dangerous rooms. Its growing popularity is largely due to JKK making sure it's being broadcasted throughout the whole Underrail.

The gauntlet building itself was built very recently, less than one year ago. The oligarchy needed something fresh and exciting to supplement the Arena and keep the bloodthirsty masses satisfied. Coretech devised a huge and complex elevator system which transports the runners to randomly chosen rooms, with each room containing a different challenge. Some rooms have deadly creatures, others have traps, some have both or even puzzles. The elevator system ensures neither the runners nor the viewers know which room comes next.

Once a gauntlet event starts, each runner attempts to go through all those rooms and get to the end before other runners do. Also, they can't use their own gear; each runner is assigned a color-coded gauntlet jumpsuit and a selection of equipment provided by the gauntlet organizers at the start of the event. They may use what they find during their runs, though. The more time a runner spends in one room, the more difficult next ones will be. But in some rooms runners can find keys which allow them to unlock shortcut routes during the final stretch of the gauntlet. The winner is the first one to reach the end and pull a lever which electrifies the floors of other runners' routes, killing them if they didn't already perish in earlier challenge rooms.

Gauntlet entrance

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