Warehouse (JKK)

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Disable warehouse security
Main Storyline

Warehouse security console.png
Quest information
Location Core City
Given by Vivian
Rewards 2000 classic XP / 2 oddity XP
400 Stygian Coin
Cloaking Device
Related quests

Find Bogdan


Escort Vivian

You need to find your way to the basement of a Coretech warehouse through some caves.


  • JKK needs your help in rescuing hostages held in a warehouse in Core City. You need to disable the security system so that the troops can go in. Talk to Ola and he'll meet you in the sewers and show you where you need to go.


Head to Core City Sewers. You'll meet Ola there and from that point on you can access Core City Underground. First part of the caves has some leaking mutagen pipes and mutants, and the next two are full of spiderwebs, electric web traps and Coil Spiders waiting in corners.

Once you reach the warehouse basement, either hack the console (60 effective skill required) or climb up to find a Warehouse Security Card for it. Disable security, smash the console and head back to JKK headquarters.