Escort Vivian

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Escort Vivian
Main Storyline

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Quest information
Location Core City
Given by Vivian
Rewards 3000 classic XP / 1 oddity XP
500 Stygian Coin
random Leather Armor
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Seek Acid Hunters

Protect Vivian inside an old facility.


  • Escort Vivian and protect her while she repairs a power generator in one of the old facilities.


This mission is a lot longer than it initially appears. You will fall down and be trapped inside an Abandoned Biocorp Facility.

First you need to meet with Vivian in the Core City passages, area Utility section.

Inside the facility, you can use the JKK Comm Device to keep in touch with Vivian. You will need to get the backup hydraulic generator started to get the elevators working. For that, you will need to find Generator Room Keycard (inside maintenance room), Sector 2 Keycard (in the offices) and Storage Room Keycard (in sector 2). There is also a security console you can hack to disable the Plasma Sentries of sector 2 (70 effective skill required).

You will need to repair the hydraulic generator with Hydraulic Generator Parts found inside the storage room. You will also need to fix 3 leaks in the hydraulic fluid pipes with Pipes found in the storage room. After that is done, you need to use the hydraulic generator in sector 2. Vivian can hack the doors of sector 2 if you contact her while you're there.

Once the pipes are fixed and the hydraulic fluid level is back up, head to the generator and repair it using the parts either with your own mechanic skill or with Vivian's instructions. Then you can get out.