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Telekinetic Proxy
Psychokinesis (55 skill required)
Moves the Telekinetic Proxy from its current location to the specified location, dealing 25-40 mechanical damage to everything in its path. If the proxy is not present, is too far away, or doesn't have a clear straight line path to the destination, a new one will be spawned.

Telekinetic Proxy will mimic your single target telekinetic psi abilities and effects if the target is within its radius. The proxy lasts 3 turns, but the timer refreshes with each move or mimic.
Action Points: 10
Psi: 15
Range: 10.0
Radius: 3
Cooldown: 1 turn

Telekinetic Proxy is a Psychokinesis psi ability added in version

The proxy mimics (strikes twice) Telekinetic Punches, Implosion, attacks made with Force Emission and damage transferred by Psychokinetic Chain , as long as the target is within the proxy's radius. The proxy will not deal damage to you even if you are on its path when it moves. It cannot be placed on water.

Its damage scales with your effective Psychokinesis skill.

Effective skill Damage
0 Mechanical: 10-11
55 Mechanical: 26-38
100 Mechanical: 40-61
150 Mechanical: 55-86
200 Mechanical: 70-111
250 Mechanical: 85-136
300 Mechanical: 100-161

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